Taste the CoBatCo Difference

At CoBatCo, we supply you with everything you need to creatively complement your menu and increase profits. Our high-caliber equipment and custom-blended mixes in a wide variety of delicious aromatic options are made in the U.S.A. and backed by superior service. From our commitment to high-grade materials and meticulous workmanship to our healthy, budget-friendly baking options, your customers will “taste the CoBatCo difference” from the very first bite.


CoBatCo mixes – SIMPLE, EASY, ADD WATER ONLY – for the most delicious fresh-baked products from your counter to your customer!

CoBatCo mixes are milled in the U.S. with the finest, freshest top-quality ingredients, custom-blended by our dedicated food technologists who strive to satisfy you, our valued customers.

From the tantalizing scent of our savory salad shell to the nutty aroma of our multigrain Belgian waffle, passersby won’t be able to resist the temptation. Ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt fans are helpless when encountering the incredible fragrance of our fresh baked vanilla and chocolate waffle cones. CoBatCo crepes and baked donuts are irresistible at breakfast or snack time, and our corn dog mix doubles as a tasty corn bread. Our test kitchen staff has created a sweet pancake mix using our Belgian waffle mix with a slight water adjustment only! Imagine the possibilities!

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Taste the CoBatCo Difference