Getting back to business after the COVID-19 crisis can mean lots of changes, especially when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases to your customers. CoBatCo is committed to helping you succeed as you reopen your doors and welcome your customers back.

Baking and Kill-steps

Whether you’re making Belgian waffles or waffle cones, CoBatCo baking equipment is calibrated to bake at temperatures high enough to kill any food-borne pathogens that might have been in the batter.

Stainless Steel and Sanitation

Our baking equipment has a stainless steel exterior, which easily wipes clean and resists the growth of bacteria. All of our baking equipment carries a CSA Sanitary certification, which follows North American guidelines for food safety and sanitation.

Our Stainless Steel Cone Base and Roller are great tools for rolling waffle cones, and they are easily cleaned and sanitized as well.

Useful Accessories for Waffle Cones

We have a series of accessories that can help sell waffle cones more safely:

  1. Cone Sleeves (BS-1400) – these poly/plastic sleeves prevent your staff from touching the waffle cone directly. They also have a drip-catcher around the rim and a sealed bottom, keeping your customers clean as well.

  2. Stainless Steel Display (SSCH-09) – this stainless steel stand holds up to 9 waffle cones securely. You can place one on the counter near the register and then place the filled cones into the display for the customer to pick up. This limits the hand-to-hand contact that we would normally see with selling a waffle cone.

  3. Cone Coil Display (CC-01) – similar to the Stainless Steel Display, this cone coil holds one waffle cone for the customer to pick up. These displays have a zinc coating, which is food-safe and easy to clean.

  4. Acrylic Cone Display 5-Hole (ACH-05) – this acrylic display is mostly used to show the customer a selection of cones, but it has a clear guard that protects the cones from hands and sneezes.